July 24, 2005 - KartKey Domination at Infineon Raceway


National Cup Heavy- 1st Place taken by Randy Wetmore after qualifying 4th in his Alpha Galaxy chassis with KartKey prepped Parilla Leopard engine.
National Cup Light- 1st Place taken by Matt Hauff after qualifying 2nd in his Alpha Galaxy kart with KartKey prepared Parilla Leopard engine.
Junior Puma- 1st Place dominated by Taylor Robutz. He got 1st in pole and qualifying with a clean sweep in his ItalKart chassis with KartKey prepared Puma engine.
TaG Expert- Jess Peteron took 1st place throughout the day in pole, qualifying and the main in his Alpha Galaxy chassis with a Woltjer Parilla engine and KartKey Tillotson carburetor and intake.


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