Team BeST + Belli + KartKey = win at TaG USA World Championships

Newcastle, IN. October 9, 2005 – With a perfect example of how to make the best of a situation, Team BeST, with the help of driver Thomas Belli, brought home a Senior Heavy Class victory at the TaG USA World Championships in Newcastle, IN.

Competing in two of the eight classes being offered by TaGUSA with an IAME/Leopard powered engine tuned and prepped by KartKey International of Petaluma, CA, quickly proved to be a tall order, “Switching the weight, the gear and the tires back in forth all in a matter of 3 or 4 minutes, its just very difficult to do,” said Chief Mechanic Scott Manifold. After qualifying on pole and winning Saturday’s TaG Heavy heat race, BeST experienced tire problems in TaG Light, “The set of tires we used in light just weren’t working for us,” said BeST driver Thomas Belli. Since the tires used for qualifying have to remain on the kart for the entire weekend, Team BeST decided to concentrate on the Heavy Class while using the track time in Light for some testing.

Sunday’s team work by BeST, Belli, and KartKey’s on call shop manager Doug Sharp during the TaG Heavy final made for a great race. Starting on pole and continuing in the lead for 15 of the 16 laps, Belli won the race by a margin of more than 10 seconds, “The kart really performed well all weekend, it just seemed to like everything we and KartKey did to it.”


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